14ct Glass Tassie Hippolytus Cameo Brooch

The Curio


This special amber glass cameo is a stunning historical example of works by Tassie and other similar firms. Created as both jewelry and educational pressings, Tassie cameos are glass impressions of museum quality ancient and 18th-19th century intaglios. Tassie invented this method by experimenting with enamels, ultimately finding that the opaque glass they started to use could replicate any color or pattern. To create these fantastic pieces, a model was first designed and then cast in white enamel before becoming the rare jewels that were coveted by so many. This particularly large one is modeled after an intaglio depicting a scene from the Greek myth of Hippolytus: a man who was disgusted by sex and marriage. While he becomes obsessed with worshipping the goddess of virginity, Artemis, this upsets Aphrodite and she causes his stepmother to fall madly in love with him. Filled with an incredible story, historical significance, and spectacular craftspersonship, this is a fantastic cameo example and we are so thrilled to be offering it at the Curio.

Materials and Features: 

14ct gold, glass


Victorian, later American mounting




Weight: 13.8 grams

Dimensions: 1.75” x 1.25”

Condition: Excellent condition. Minor associated age wear. 

Please view and inspect any photos closely. We endeavor to fully disclose all condition information clearly and concisely, however, please note that what qualifies as excellent condition for historical jewelry differs from modern and contemporary pieces; please take the age of the piece into account when examining the piece. Minor age wear is typical and to be expected for antique and vintage jewelry. Unless otherwise stated, gemstones have not been officially graded for color, clarity, or treatment by GIA; any information provided is our own educated, professional assessment.

14ct Glass Tassie Hippolytus Cameo Brooch

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