Brass and 14ct Gentleman Portrait Ring

The Curio


Admittedly, we knew very little about this intriguing ring when we first acquired it. After some extensive examination, we have found that this fantastic and peculiar piece is possibly a portrait of the German composer Richard Wagner. I love this 19th century oddball piece, and a part of me says it has always been a ring as the shank is beautifully matched. It reminds one of the late 19th century dandyism that really gripped culture: as we think of Oscar Wilde, who is considered to be the godfather of Aestheticism in his hunt for all that was beautiful, this really characterized a certain type of gentleman in the late 19th century, who that particular gentleman idolized 18th century dandy with his powder wigs, large hat, and frock coats. Here, we see a very Wagnerian character with his walking staff and Aesthetic Movement inspired ivy leaves, twirling around the exterior of the piece as though he is walking fully clothed in his pompadour bouffant through a beautiful forest. This piece is truly a rare intersection of so many different cultural expressions that were happening at the time of its creation, probably around 1890. We are so thrilled to have this special piece in the Curio. 

Materials and Features: 

Polished and blackened brass top, 14ct gold band


Victorian, c. 1870




Weight: 9.2 grams

Ring size: 10.0 US

Condition: Excellent condition. Minor associated age wear. 

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Brass and 14ct Gentleman Portrait Ring

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