Fantastic Scottish Agate and Sunstone Padlock Bracelet in Sterling Silver

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This early Victorian Scottish agate bracelet is from Scotland, rather than the type of jewelry that was later produced in Birmingham or Exeter. One of the ways we can tell is actually with the beautiful, almost crude hand etching and the extremely wild spacers that I have never seen before. They are complicated hand-carved stations including four pieces of agate that are intricately fitted together and delicately done, with each oval station meant to appear as faux crests while each joined station is a love knot. All are entwined with a padlock simply marked “sterling” in line with confirmed Scottish pieces of the period. This original piece is a really fabulous example of Scottish “pebble jewelry” that was made famous by Queen Victoria, who absolutely loved Scotland. She made her first visit there in 1842 and loved the country so much that she purchased Balmoral Castle, which is a summer home to English monarchs to this day. As the royal family adored Scotland so much, Queen Victoria then popularized Scottish jewelry and even romanticized early childhood stories of herself panning for pebbles on the banks of Scottish rivers, later making “pebble jewelry” from the stones that she found. This bracelet is such a phenomenal example of a piece that would have been similar to something early on in her reign.

Materials and Features: 

Sterling silver, carnelian, bloodstone, serpentine agate, blue lace agate, manufactured goldstone


Victorian, Scotland




Weight: 25.7 grams

Dimensions: 7” bracelet with an additional 1” padlock

Condition: Excellent condition. Minor associated age wear. 

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Fantastic Scottish Agate and Sunstone Padlock Bracelet in Sterling Silver

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