Late 17th Century Gentleman Portrait Pendant

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This is simply the most amazing late 17th century portrait of a gentleman, likely an aristocrat, wearing a suit of armor with beautiful embellishment. Likely an all original hand painted portrait on porcelain example, this piece may have originally had a golden frame that was reset later. This rare pendant appears to be by a follower of John Closterman, as it shows the gentleman with a lavish wig and all the fittings of a proper aristocrat. I am very excited to have this piece and I’ve never had anything like it before. Being an art historian, I find this example especially exciting, not by just what’s in the image but what is cut off: there appears to be a crown or some sort of emblem on the right side of the piece, only partially shown. This indicates to me that this was a partial portion of a larger painting that was likely completed by a master and displayed in the family estate. This miniature was likely rendered to pass on to someone else as a travel keepsake, and many of us will recall that scene in Marie Antoinette where at the very beginning, the ladies are sitting in the carriage and looking at the portrait of the man Marie Antoinette is about to marry; this medallion may very well have served a similar purpose given to perhaps a future wife or relative. It’s an outstanding, outstanding original and I am looking forward to placing it in a new home. 

Materials and Features: 

Enamel, coin silver


Circa late 17th century




Weight: 15.24 grams

Dimensions: 40mm long

Condition: Note that there is a very small chip to the lower left corner that is obscured by the bezel. Minor associated age wear. 

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Late 17th Century Gentleman Portrait Pendant

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